About our Company

Eagle Chemicals was established in 1975. Since than the company has come a long way and is today one of the leading company in India in the manufacturing field of Colour masterbatch, White masterbatch, Black masterbatch, Filled Compound, Additives masterbatch, pigments,dyes and optical brightener.

The company has been providing an advanced level of solution to the different colour using industry’s ever changing and challenging needs.

Our Theory About Quality

A) Each Time Every Time:-

At Eagle Chemicals, we uses today’s latest machinery and technology, that helps meet specific standards. This ensures that the final product is just right “Each Time Every Time”.

B) Quality at Reasonable Price:-
We maintain good economy and low waste over all process, so that the customer gets the best quality product at the best price.

C) Quality Control:-
Eagle chemicals is equipped with very sophisticated testing and analysis equipments like laboratory extruder, Roll mill, Muller, Blown film extruder, injection moulding machine, spectrophotometer meter. Application focused pilot plants are used to facilitate simulation of actual processing of product under virtually operating conditions. These all facility is directly responsible for eagle’s celebrated consistency. Our colour variation level (0.7 Delta E) is far below the accepted world standard in variation (1 Delta E).

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