• Colour Pigment
Ready colour packet
EAGLE BRAND READY COLOUR PACKETS are available in more than 1000 different shades for your valuable product like:

• House Holds
• Thermo Wares
• Tooth Brush
• Toys
• Ball pens & Sketch pens
• Luggage
• Computer Consumables
• Furniture Components
• Sanitary Articles
• Automobiles
• Gift Articles
• Bicycle Parts
• Stationary Items
• Mixers and Blenders
• Wall Clock Cabinet
• Crates
• Ropes and Twine
• Pharma and Agro Products
• Electrical Goods
• Bangles

Our EAGLE BRAND READY COLOUR PACKETS are meant for colouring 25 kgs of polymer. It can be used for colouring polymers like PP, LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PPCP, SOFT & RIGID PVC, PS, HIPS, SAN, NYLON, ABS etc.

For customer’s specific requirements, they can simply tell us the Shade, Polymer, Heat Resistance, Food Wrapper Grade for food contact application etc. The rest will be taken care by us.

Method of Mixing :
Blend one colour packet with 25 kgs polymer in a conventional mixer for 20 min (aprox.) prior to molding or extrusion to achieve uniform colour dispersion.

- Ready colour packets reduce colouring cost by eliminating inventory of various pigments-compound & colour master batch.
- Economical compared to conventional colours and master batch.
- Colours are made with personal care and tested before dispatch, this ensures consistency in quality, their shade and strength.
- Our state of art colour matching laboratory is always at your service to match any new shades and we can also visit your factory to solve any of your colouring problems.
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