Our Services for you

A good product is often just the beginning of meeting your requirements. To built up a long term partnership you also want to rely on your supplier for continuous support. Then it is good to know that Service is one of the key words in our market strategy.

We want to contribute to your company success. No matter how small or big your project is, we are ready to help you with all our team. To develop new colour solutions or just to find a more economic solution for your current products, EAGLE is happy to serve you. Please contact one of our specialists.

Sales Support

Our Sales Support department is happy to help you with specific questions about our delivery program, availability of specific products, order status, documents, samples of special offers. If they cannot answer your questions immediately, your question is being passed on to our technical or commercial specialists.

All important information is directly available for you at any time.

Our Sales Support Department coordinates the following business:

• Order processing: every order confirmed within 24hours

• Samples and quotations for standard products

• Special colour matches

• Documentation, both general as well product specific

• Helpdesk for questions about orders and general matters

• Complaints

Technical Support

Our technical people are specialists in the field of pigments. We have both pigment and plastics laboratories, with all the equipment necessary nowadays to do the job. So we can help you with following business:

• Colour preparations (masterbatch or paste) made on specifications for plastics, paint- and printing ink systems

• Colour comparisons to analyze products from different suppliers (e.g. shade, opacity, hiding power and dispersion)

• Professional consultation on colouration, or on improvement of specific product issues.

• Technical support to solve certain production problems regarding colouration in general or the testing of new colour formulations.

Research & Development

We do structural research on new pigments and on improvement of our products. Fundamental for our future and your success.
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